Child Adoption

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What is an Adoption?

Child Adoption is a legal procedure by which a child legally becomes part of a family, creating a legal relationship, just as if the child had been biologically born to the adoptive parents.

There are two types of child adoption;

  1. The adoption of a minor child by related family members; and

  2. The adoption of a minor child by those who are not a related family member.

The requirements, time table, and financial costs for a minor child adoption are typically far less when a minor child is to be adopted by a relative than that of non-related prospective adopting parents.

What the Court Generally Considers in Minor Child Adoption Cases.

For non-related prospective adopting parents, he, she, or they must undergo a thorough and often lengthy screening process, lengthy waiting periods, and often involve significant financial cost in order to successfully complete the legal process of a minor child adoption. During the process of a minor child adoption the court may often consider if the adopting parents are financially able to care for the minor child, prior history of raising other related or non-related children, any criminal history, recommendations by those who have a first hand knowledge of the adopting parents character and standing in the community, and a host of other things that may shed light for the court to make a final ruling regarding the adopting parents. In the end, what is in the best interests of the minor child the main concern of the court.

For prospective adoptive parent who are related to the minor child, the lengthy screening process and lengthy waiting period are typically not needed as a relationship between the prospective adopting parent(s) and the minor child is already established providing a level of comfort and normalcy for transition for the minor child. This also typically results in much lower financial costs to successfully complete the adoption process. Related minor child adoptions may often go smoothly as long as no major red flags are raised and/or the adoption of the minor child by one relative is not being contested by another family member. 

What is your Adoption Attorney's Role in a Minor Child Adotion?

Whether you are trying to adopt a minor child that is related to you or a minor child where not relation exists, your attorney will ensure all minor child adoption procedures are properly followed, all documentation is properly filled out and promptly submitted to the appropriate parties, effectively address any issues which may slow down the adoption process as well as any issues that may be a concern at any point in the adoption process. Your adoption attorney will represent your interests and goals throughout the adoption process.

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